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Top 5 Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloud Hosting allows us all to make our work more easily, cost-effective, high performance and secure. We no longer rely on local computers or servers. Instead, entire companies can move to a cluster of computers in the data centre. But how do you choose the best cloud provider for your needs? In this article, we will help you make the right choice!

What Is the Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting Platform is commonly used to refer to multiple servers connected to the Internet that can be rented as part of application software or service. Cloud-based services are hosting, data storage and sharing and use of applications

Cloud Servers computing, where multiple servers are connected for load sharing. This means that complex processes can be spread across multiple small computers, rather than using a single powerful machine.

  • The most benefit of cloud hosting storage is that many distributed resources are combined into one, often called federated storage cloud. By sharing data, it can handle multi errors in the cloud. Because of shared access to documents, files and data, the use of the cloud reduces the creation of different versions of files.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  1. Expandable functionality.

When hosting websites in the cloud, the resources used by the website are adjusted according to demand, considering the volume of data traffic, becoming practically unlimited, since it is possible to use multiple servers simultaneously. This adjustment is done almost in real-time.

When you host your website on a cloud that means you will be able to take resources according to your requirements so for a small application or website you can choose low ram and CPU and storage and when your website needs more resources you can easily be able to resize or expand storage, RAM, CPU,  


  1. High availability

In many types of business, high availability is essential. Many companies do business 24/7 and need the environment to be available around the clock. However, maintaining high availability in a physical data center requires a high investment. This is because high availability means maintaining redundancy of all data canter resources.

Therefore, the alternative of maintaining the environment in the cloud is very attractive, since when contracting the service, it is possible to choose high availability options, which include storage in different locations.

Almost every business wants to make their business website 100% uptime, so cloud hosting is the best solution when we want to keep our website updated. many good companies offer 24/7/360 support the environment needs to be available 24 hours a day. However, maintaining high availability in the physical data center requires high investment. This is because higher availability means maintaining redundancy for all data center resources.

Therefore, the alternative of keeping the environment in the cloud is very attractive, because when the service is contracted it is possible to choose high availability options, which include storage in different locations.

  1. Website Performance

Websites Hosted in a cloud environment perform much better than those hosted in a traditional server configuration. For those who like page load speed, flexible and instant resource allocation, disaster recovery plans, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly server configurations, and above all, the cloud is the perfect solution for them.

Top 5 Cloud Hosting Providers


With the HostGator cloud service you will get a fully managed cloud hosting service where you can host your website without requiring any technical skills and HostGator will manage everything for you and make it easy to use for the end-user. And will get pre-installed cPanel control panel, free security, free SSL, free support from HostGator This is what makes HostGator better for cloud service.

HostGator offer three packages in cloud service

Hatching CloudBabby CloudBusiness cloud
✅ Single Domain✅ Unlimited Domains✅ Unlimited Domains
✅ Unmetered SSD Disk Space✅ Unmetered SSD Disk Space✅ Unmetered SSD Disk Space
✅ 2 GB RAM✅ 4 GB RAM✅ 6 GB RAM
✅ 2 Cores✅ 4 Cores✅ 6 Cores
✅ Free SSL Certificate✅ Free SSL Certificate✅ Free SSL Certificate
✅ Unmetered Bandwidth✅ Unmetered Bandwidth✅ Unmetered Bandwidth
✅ Local Caching.✅ Local Caching.✅ Local Caching

Advantages and Disadvantages of HostGator

✅Fully managed server  ❗ Expeinsve Monthly Cost
✅ Control Panel cPanel ❌ Not Access on full features from server-side
✅ 46 Days Money-back Guarantee ❌ Restore Back – Additional Fee
✅ Live Chat Support ❌ Not Allow Root Access
✅ Unlimited SSD storage
✅ Free SSL certificate
✅ Local Caching
✅ Unlimited bandwidth.

TMD Hosting:

Don’t keep your visitors waiting to load your site anymore! TMD Cloud combines robust technologies with premium hardware, low-density environment and extremely fast SSD storage. All this combined with six unique levels of combined cache ensures extremely fast loading time for your website.

Packages Of TMD Cloud Hosting Service

✅ 2 CPU Cores✅ 4 CPU Cores✅ 6 CPU Cores
✅ Unlimited Bandwidth✅ Unlimited Bandwidth✅ Unlimited Bandwidth
✅ Unlimited SSD Space✅ Unlimited SSD Space✅ Unlimited SSD Space
✅ 1 Website Hosted✅ Unlimited Websites Hosted✅ Unlimited Websites Hosted
✅ Free Domain✅ Free Domain✅ Free Domain

Advantages and disadvantages of TMD Hosting

✅ Premium Support❌ Not Allow root Access
✅ Free Cpanel❌ Limited Access on Features
✅ LightSpeed Web Server
✅ Basic Caching
✅ 60 days Money back guarantee.


Provide cloud-based WordPress hosting and there are no doubt that the engine provides super-fast WordPress based cloud hosting because they used Google cloud platform and Google hardware. Get faster speeds for your WordPress site than ever with engine

Packages Of WPEngine Cloud Hosting Services

✅ 25,000 visits per Month✅ 100,000 visits Per Month✅ 400,000 visits Per Month✅ Millions visits per Month
✅ 10GB storage✅ 20GB storage✅ 50GB storage✅ 100GB – 1TB storage
✅ 50GB bandwidth per Month✅ 200GB bandwidth per month✅ 500GB bandwidth Per month✅ 400GB+ bandwidth Per Month
✅ 1 site included✅ 10 sites included✅ 30 sites included✅30 sites included

Advantages and disadvantages of Wpengine

✅ Super-fast loading speed❌ High costly
✅ Great support❌ Addons are also expensive
✅ Google platform used for cloud❌ Only WordPress Hosting Support
✅ Best for WordPress hosting
✅ Live chat support


 Liquid Web makes scalable cPanel cloud hosting easy. With predictable pricing and pre-configured solutions, launching Cloud The servers are quick and simple.

Packages Of Liquidweb Cloud Hosting Services.

✅ cPanel Server✅ cPanel Server✅ cPanel Server
✅ Load Balancer✅ Web Nodes (2)✅ Web Nodes (4)
✅ 960 GB SSD File Storage✅ 960 GB SSD File Storage✅ 1440 GB SSD File Storage
✅ 10 TB Transfer per VM✅ 10 TB Transfer per VM✅ 10 TB Transfer per VM
✅ Acronis Cyber Backup✅ Acronis Cyber Backup✅ Acronis Cyber Backup
✅ CentOS7 with cPanel✅ CentOS7 with cPanel✅ CentOS 7 with cPanel
✅ Load Balancer✅ Load Balancer
✅ NFS Replication✅ NFS Replication

Advantages and Disadvantages of liquidweb

✅ Powerful API❌ High Price
✅ High I/O Redundant Storage❌ No option of low-end cost-friendly servers
✅ Acronis Backups Included❌ Certain websites for small business WP or WooCommerce hosting are costlier
✅ Built on OpenStack Technology

· .


DreamHost Cloud Technology allows you to manage your server to meet your unique needs — with full root access of server to give you freedom on server Dream Hosting

Cloud Hosting plans of Dreamhost

512MB RAM Server2. 2GB RAM Server8GB RAM Server
✅ 1 vCPU✅ 1 vCPU✅ 4 vCPU
✅ 80 GB SSD Disk✅ 80 GB SSD Disk✅ 80 GB SSD Disk
✅ Free bandwidth✅ Free bandwidth✅ Free bandwidth
✅ 100 GB Block Storage included✅ 100 GB Block Storage included✅ 100 GB Block Storage included
✅ Max $4.50/month ($0.0075/hour)✅ Max $12.00/month ($0.02/hour)✅ Max $48.00/month ($0.08/hour)
✅ Ideal for Tinkering✅ Ideal for Websites✅ Ideal for Databases

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dreamhost Cloud Hosting

✅ Unparalleled Speed❌ Unmanaged Server
✅ Full Root Access, Full Control❌ Need technical person to manage your server
✅ Fast Loading❌ Low Resources

Now, which hosting should I buy from these top five cloud hosting providers?

Every cloud hosting plan is not the same, many cloud hosting providers provide different features and benefits compared to others Now you can choose the cloud hosting provider based on your requirements suppose if you need to host your website or application based on custom operating system and if you need full root access to the cloud server so you need to choose that provider who offered full root access of the a server like Dreamhost and liquid web offered n their cloud hosting packages and if you are not a technical person or if you don’t want to take headache for management security and optimization of the server then the best option for you to choose managed cloud hosting and in managed hosting you will get everything ready from the server-side like Hostgator and TMD hosting offered full managed cloud service

What is the difference between an unmanaged and managed cloud server?

Unmanaged cloud server:

in an unmanaged cloud server you will get the root access of the server, but it will be fully unmanaged like there will be no control panel installed in it, and you must do everything from your site hosting the provider will not help you to configure your server. In an unmanaged server you must buy control panel licences and other software licences to install in your server which increases the cost of your server and if you are not technical the person then maybe you must hire a developer that will be your additional cost for server. The only advantage in unmanaged hosting is that you will get the full root access of the server where you can manage the operating system,control panel, server configuration, and security according to your requirements.

Managed cloud server:

In managed cloud server you don’t need an technical skills to manage your server because your hosting provider server will manage everything for you the advantage of the fully managed server is that the hosting provider will manage your server security, hosting software, server configuration and support that make everything easy for you but The problem with a fully managed server is that you will not get the root access of the server you can’t manage server configuration based on your requirements maybe your hosting provider will help you to configure your server based on the requirements but this process takes too much time and this is the time-consuming process and you have to wait for every reply from the service provider support team to get changes done in the server.


Cloud computing provides on-demand advanced computing capabilities, which can be enhanced as needed, with regular updates, and without the need for on-premises infrastructure purchase and maintenance. With cloud computing, teams become more efficient and reduce market time because they can get services faster and without the much effort required to manage primary infrastructure.

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